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03-Apr-2018 : T Trafford from Liverpool, Merseyside

Emlyn provided me with expert advice and support throughout the court proceedings, which lasted over 3 months. He took time to understand the unique nature of my situation and was able to use his experience and professionalism to put forward solutions which gave my son a positive outcome. As well as supporting me, he has been invaluable and a reassuring presence for my family. His service is great value for money and I've recommended him to friends who are equally satisfied with the support he's provided. The court process can be confusing and he provided a lot of clarity and simplified what was being communicated to me/asked of me, which gave me peace of mind.

25-Mar-2018 : Lorraine C from Liverpool

Contacted Family court Help as a distraught family member having exhausted various avenues. Could not believe our luck after talking to Emlynn understanding and hope at last. You seriously are a beacon of light for the lost and weary we thought we had lost any hope of contact with our little ones! Totally Distraught was an understatement of the century. Emlynn thank you for your help, thank you for introducing us to Sara our Mackenzie friend. Thank you for navigating us through the court processees. From the bottom of our heart deepest gratitude as we have our little ones back in contact. Love and light to you all. Happy Easter!ÐÐÐÐ

06-Mar-2018 : David still from Luverpool

Character assassination is tough for any person, but Emlyn helped me focus on who was goin through the toughest fight of all. My kids. Mackenzie friends are not there to pick a fight, just to help you get what's right. The help I received was not just exceptional so was the price for all the time and effort! my experience will not be the same as every one else bit the out come is the same(justice) keep fighting the good fight Emlyn. Thanks buddy!

03-Mar-2018 : Paul from New Ferry

Emlyn has been a great help, avoiding the need for expensive solicitors. Emlyn is more knowledgable and more affordable than a solicitor and has been a great help. I trust him to support me through difficult situations and give me good advice

16-Feb-2018 : Sam Baker from Wallasey

I am currently going through my second lots of court proceedings. The first time I was represented by a solicitor that cost thousands, when I made the application the second time I decided to go with Emyln Jones a Mckenzie friend for financial reasons. I have not noticed a demise in service from the Mckenziefriend in fact I would say it has improved. I believe this is due to the knowledge of family law in specific that they have. I would advise going with Emyln Jones as he has handled my case incredibly well. The legal system is a maze of paperwork and procedures. A Mckenziefriend can help guide you through this every step of the way without the massive legal costs of a solicitor. I only wish I had been in contact with Emyln the first time I attended court.

17-Apr-2015 : Anthony Phillips from North Wales

Being a father who wanted guardianship of my daughter, I knew it would be difficult in court but had no idea just how difficult. I found this website and from my first phone call with Emlyn I was put at ease. Emlyn helped me in court and ultimately I now have guardianship of my daughter. Emlyn has first class knowledge of family law and is above professional. His attention to detail is second to none. Thank you.

11-Mar-2015 : Angel from

This article is caakcerjrck content. By this, I mean it's expertly written with many valid and interesting points. These views coincide with my own views. Thank you for writing this.

15-Jul-2014 : Paul Apreda from FNF Both Parents Matter Cymru

Emlyn is a highly experienced and professional McKenzie Friend who has in depth knowledge of the Family Justice system. He has provided training to our volunteers in Wales on man occasions and we have engaged him to speak about the issues faced by Litigants in Person at seminars in Aberystwyth University. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who needed help in Family Court matters.

03-Jul-2014 : Pauk Hodson from Liverpool 8

I had a solicitor payed through the nose and got no where. I had Emlyn represent me and got a whole lot further. Emlyn is better than any solicitor Thank you Emlyn

02-May-2014 : Tony Dentith from Rossendale

Emlyn Jones has worked tirelessly with me for nearly a year now helping me to win back access to my little girl Isabella. I think it is fair to say he has a laid back approach but don't let that fool you. A very clever man indeed who knows what is neeeded and when. I actually came close to quitting on a couple of occasions but with help and guidance from Emlyn I carried on and yesterday I was granted a court order. There are not enough words in the world to thank you Emlyn and I honestly don't know where I'd be without you. Thank you so so much. I can highly recommend your services and will be happy to help you any way I can. Isabella and I, along with her elder sisters and Clare owe you a debt of gratitude.

20-Mar-2014 : Alex Borchardt from Exeter, Devon

Emlyn Jones is one of the finest McKenzie Friends in the UK and has worked tirelessly for years, often without any financial gain, to help countless fathers, mothers, and grandparents who have been prevented from seeing their children or grandchildren. There are *some* good solicitors out there, but the whole family court system is beset by countless solicitors and barristers who extort thousands out of their clients whilst often causing MORE problems than actualy resolving the situation. Emlyn has also never been shy in exposing corruption that goes on within Social Services.

18-Feb-2014 : Karel from Liverpool, Merseyside

1st, Thanks to Emlyn, 2nd my case is just begun, but I chose him, because he has different view on cases than Solicitors, I am not saying solicitors are bad, good solicitors do exist too, but if you ask me who I will chose between Emlyn and Solicitors, my answer will Emlyn Jones.

14-Feb-2014 : David from Birkenhead

Emlyn is a legend!! Solicitors fees where hurting my pocket and solicitors hurting my head......they only care about your money! Up pops Emlyn and changed everything, i now see my boy on a regular basis and at a much cheaper cost. I would highly recommend Emlyn to any parent going through this legal and expensive minefield. Thanks again for changing my life.

31-Jan-2014 : Alex from Manchester

Excellent legal help and moral support given by Emlyn during a difficult time.

10-Dec-2013 : Ian E from Wirral

Emlyn was a massive help during this bewildering time who seemed more honest than my solicitor at the time. In many ways Emlyn's guidance was more accurate and helpful than the solicitors and the support that he and the groups that he is aware of gave was invaluable.

03-Dec-2013 : Nick from Ellesmere Port

Emlyn was straight talking, confident and knowledgeable. He provided me with support in my darkest hour. I now have a full and open contact with my daughter, which has been consistent for 3 years. I have no doubt that without Emlyn's support this wouldn't be the case, and will be forever in his debt.

29-Nov-2013 : Arran from Wirral

Family court felt like it went on forever . Only 2 half years . Was overjoyed with my result

29-Nov-2013 : Michael B from Liverpool

I found this to be an extremely emotional and distressing time. Mr Jones helped focus my mind and efforts on establishing a way forward which aided the process through the family court to a successful conclusion. Quite frankly if I had not received his help and assistance I do not feel that I and my family would have the relationship that we have with our child today. Please note there where several hearings

29-Nov-2013 : Mark W from

Invaluable support for parents trying to navigate through the minefield of Family Law. Especially impressed with the attempts to help resolve matters between parties without the need for court involvement although ultimately this was unsuccessful in my case due to the lack of response from the other party.

25-Nov-2013 : Kevin L from Liverpool

I had used solicitors for 5 years in a very complicated case costing thousands, I eventually went on to represent myself with the help of Emlyn and the invaluable information he gave me. As the case continued, it became more difficult for me to understand all the legal jargon. I am in debt to the help and advice emlyn provided for me and would not hesitate in recommending him to provide an excellent service to others.

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